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10 St. Paul Street, Horseshoe Village, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel. Nos. (632) 7210391, 7219154, 7256627, 7256629
Architect Gan is the company’s principal architect and managing
partner.  His associates consist of 50 architects, interior
designers, 3D architects and site engineers -- all driven by the
twin goals of high quality of design and services and utmost client

Architect Gan and his team regard the client as the expert as far as
his (the client’s) project objectives, needs, preferences and
resources are concerned. The architect, on the other hand, draws
from his own professional expertise and experience and engages
the client in a collaborative process of determining the best
possible project approach or solution.

This ability to collaborate closely with clients, associates and
allied practitioners has given Architect Gan a stable foothold in the
domestic playing field.
Principal Architect and Managing Partner

Key Qualifications
Broad background in architecture and design of mixed-use/multi-
use developments, commercial/retail, office, warehouse,
residential, subdivisions, religious institutions, sports complex,
resorts and restaurants all over the country.

BCI Asia’s Top Ten 2005 Market Leaders in Architecture

Education and Professional Qualifications
Vice-President, United Architects of the Philippines – Metro Chapter
Treasurer, United Architects of the Philippines – Metro Chapter
Member, College of Fellows, United Architects of the Philippines
A Registered Architect
Bachelor of Science in Architecture, University of Santo Tomas,
Manila, Philippines
Xavier School, Manila, Philippines
Finance & Administration Department
Interior Design Department
Architecture Department
about us
dominant firms in architecture that aims for perfection and
excellence both on the design process and customer relations.
We will render such outstanding performance with our quality
works and ethical business sense. Our team of competitive and
disciplined individuals strives to deliver innovative designs that
primarily aim for the client's needs and satisfaction.

We will create cost efficient environments that suitably parallels
with the local way of life, bringing community impact of living
enhancement and community growth as our lasting works of art.
These sustainable environments will testify to our goal in the
equal benefit of better lifestyle.

Armed with fresh and imaginative minds, the energetic group of
Jonathan O. Gan + Associates strives to create this vision into a
Interior Design Department
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